A one-night drunken fling ignites a cover up: a child deceived about his father. For 25 years this smoldering lie rips at the boy’s psyche until finally the ebb and flow of the deception triggers a mental meltdown.


Set amidst the college town of Gainesville, Florida, a fatherless and psychologically tormented law student from the street of hard-knocks unwittingly embarks upon a nine-month journey in search of a higher meaning to life. From his earliest days, he fought to transcend his Dickensian childhood, and clawed his way into adulthood governed by nothing other than his own wits and instincts.

Now a young man, Clarke Casino struggles through his last year of law school barely keeping it together: he is constantly shelled by his past while agonizing over a dying brother and another addicted to drugs. Adding fuel to this mental inferno are lingering memories of his first love, a relationship destroyed by his insecurities and a mushrooming malignant forming soul. Memories he aches to purge while balancing a new love interest. Despite digging deep to douse the napalm raging inside, he loses the battle, and snaps, mentally obliterated by the salvos from life’s missiles of misfortune.

So will this tough talented singer from the trailer park, unaware of who he is, experience an emotional resurrection, a rebirth, after having endured one brother’s death, another’s addiction, and face the responsibility of chilling and possibly ruining a once burgeoning relationship? Or will Casino, like all the men in his family, admit defeat, surrender, and drown his sorrows in the bottom of a bottle?